The {NewNew} Housewares Shops

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Alexandra Ferguson - State your opinion - and your convictions about saving the earth - with this must-have home accessories collection for the eco-aware. alexandra ferguson's appliquéd felt pillows are standard-bearers of increasingly rare, one-of-a-kind uniqueness and quality, made in the USA from beginning to end. Each pillow cover is handmade, with letters and shapes cut out individually and stitched into decorative motifs. A machine finish ensures lasting durability, and zipper closures afford access to removable inserts.

blink on my nose - I love texture and deconstructing fabric. I like ripping apart old fabrics/clothes and transforming them into something new. All of my pillows are created using recycled materials and each design is unique.

Cant Afford Em Clocks - Can't Afford Em Clocks uses old items (records, books, comics, furniture, bowls, etc...) to create interesting and unique housewares. The majority of what I create are clocks out of old records and videogame cartridges, but I also make candy dishes, ash trays, bowls, light switch covers, and other similar items.

Elements for Inspired Living - One-off fashion accessories and unique decorative items for the home handcrafted in NYC from a variety of materials and unusual combination of techniques.

Lovely Day Designs - I have a lot of fun (addiction may be a better word) searching for fabric and paper. If you want a custom magnet set or switch plate, please ask.

Miniature Rhino - I'm inspired by all things old and aging, objects with a story, like things found within a personal collection, like the cabinets of curiosities. I want science with my art, because I'm happiest wondering through the halls of a natural history museum.

New York Clocks - I design fun clocks from found objects. Clocks are desktop sized, usually the size of a postcard, 4x6 photo, coaster, small tin, etc.