The {NewNew} Clothing Shops

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Better than Jam - Hello, my name is Karin and I am "Better Than Jam." I love designing patterns and printing my own fabric. I studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, graduating May 2002.

While in school I did more installation work, decorating a whole room with one pattern. I really enjoyed camouflaging a person with their surroundings. I have recently become less structured in my process, developing a method of randomness with an artistic eye, rather then using a mathematical formula for the perfect pattern.

Ikyoto - My alter-ego is a mad scientist (I wear a lab coat when the air-conditioner is too strong), and love to hear how we live in the future (robotics, materials science, and biological discoveries). This aspect of my personality is definitely present in the Ikyoto shop aesthetic.

Kimmchi - Striking and bold, KimmChi designs are inspired by eclectic influences - from the ornamentation of India to the clean lines and decoration of Art Nouveau. The present collection of designs uses a mix of deco forms, urban elements and adornment.