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Groundsel - As a lifelong dumpster diver and collector, I enjoy the process of restoring a discarded, unloved item and to infuse it with new life and a different identity. For me, many of these materials have special stories attached to them. I can recall the shopping trips that yielded the plastic bags I use in my work. And I have fond memories of fabric scraps that have been with me for years to finally find a reincarnation in a lining. I hope that these accessories will inspire you to see the potential for beauty in abandoned objects.

Lola Falk Designs - The Lolafalk brand was born out of a love of bright colors, shiny fabrics and the initial need to develop a line of handbags that satisfied its originator’s insatiable desire for all things subtly eclectic and understatedly quirky. All Lolafalk handbags and accessories are cut and sewn by hand, and every last detail is accounted for – from the carefully crafted design of each item, to each item’s description, to the overall attitude and style of the brand.

Sans Map - I am a self-taught Brooklyn based sewer and designer with an ever-growing penchant for vintage aesthetics, old world quality and the utilization of recycled and re-claimed materials. I source my fabrics from many different, and sometimes unlikely, places and rarely purchase fabric newly manufactured. There is an abundance of materials that can be found and I take advantage of these resources whole-heartedly. Through the process of incorporating both new and re-purposed materials, each bag contains a past and a present and within each piece, a story is created.