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Allene La Spina - For a few years now I have been obsessed with drawing and illustrating shoes! My extensive library of shoes is a testament to that!

Claudia G Pearson - My name is Claudia. I graduated from Brighton Polytechnic, England with a First Class BA Honors Degree in Graphic Design. Disenchanted with typography I specialized in animation in my final year at college & went on to work with some of the leading animation companies in London. My spare time was spent traveling round the world & painting in my studio.

During a trip to New York in 1994 I met an illustration agent who wanted to represent me & thus my career as an illustrator bloomed. 2 months later I packed my bags & moved to the big apple where I've been working ever since.

Dwell Deep - I am an artist and illustrator and writer.

Faune Yerby - All my work is informed by my surrondings. Each piece speaking of Beauty, Nature, Science. The smallest things in Nature are given the same weight as those normally regarded as the most important. The work has all to do with the connections and coexistence of different places.

Jenna Newton - My work is concerned with the associative process that occurs through spontaneous mark-making. The drawings themselves correspond to the emotions and imaginations that are present as I work. The resulting pieces reference organic forms, architectural constructions, and graphic design. By freeing myself of the limitations of intention, the experience becomes intimate and direct. I am interested in making evident that which normally remains hidden.

Lipeony - Lipeony (Li-pe-ony) is a world of quirky imagination and odd daydreams gather. Lovingly drawn art prints and tiny hand stitched and stamped little critters are mementos of this place to share and keep. So kick off those pinching shoes and step back into the sneakers of a kid and relive those times when we weren’t so “grown up.”

My Zoetrope - What does My Zoetrope mean?: From the Greek words, zoe, "life" and trope, "turn". It may be taken to mean "wheel of life" or "living wheel." My Zoetrope is an ever-evolving wheel of my life and the silliness, craziness, prettiness, and absurdness of it.

Virginia Kraljevic - Thank you for stepping into my obscure world of French pigeons, moustaches, swirls, curls, trees, vines, teapots, clouds, and magical bunny rabbits. Imagining and creating are guilty pleasures for me and for my heart.

Ximi's Collage Art - Welcome to Ximi's Mod Nest! Here you'll find original retro modern inspired collage art and prints for children and grownups alike. All are created by collage artist, Ximi Rodriguez. Every single little detail is drawn, cut and glued by her hands, no templates ever used. Her love for all things vintage, nursery rhymes and color fuel her imagination when creating all of her pieces!