Marketing Made Easy

As a seller of handmade goods, we all like to include in our package to our buyers, a little hand-written thank you note as a way to show our appreciation for their purchase. As a seller who also purchase from Etsy on a regular basis, I notice that far too many sellers are not using this opportunity to plant themselves further on the minds of their buyers.

Far too often, I've received packages from sellers that write a note on a plain scrap of paper, or on a plain white note card that has no other information on it. I'm opening up your package, you have my undivided attention that this very moment so take advantage!

This is the perfect opportunity to tell your buyer a little bit more about yourself. Why not include a little bio about yourself along with your contact information? Tell me something I didn't know about you, that part of your proceeds go to charity, or that you do this to pay your own way through college, or that you learned your knitting from Grandma Judith back when you were living in Vermont. Whatever little tidbit you include, it'll give the buyer a little peek into your world that they can remember about you, making the virtual process a little more human.

Since I print my own thank you cards, I include a blurb on the back about me, that each card is hand-detailed and checked for quality. I also include my signature and contact information to make it more personable. When I have the time, I use a hole punch and secure the card to the package with ribbon. When I'm really busy, I just tuck the note inside. Either way, it's a good method of getting a few more seconds of spotlight in front of your customer.

Remember that you're not really just looking for customers to purchase from you once, you're hoping to build a relationship with them so that whenever they need [insert your category here], they'll think of you. This is in essence what marketing does.