Subway Series Issue #2: "Yummy Yarn and Good Fortune"

"Yummy Yarn and Good Fortune"
©2008 Lorina Pellach

Yummy Yarn and Good Fortune without the calories! That's what you get when you create these adorable little treats! I really enjoy trying out interesting crochet patterns. By interesting I mean outside of the ordinary scarf or other common crocheted good. So when I bought the Crochet a Day 2008 calendar, I couldn't help myself from scouring all 366 days (extra pattern for leap year included) to find something my subway ride would allow me to complete (1 hour). And what do you know, April 16th, my wedding day of all days, featured a crochet pattern for a fortune cookie! Perfect! (The pattern did not include the fortune "paper", I created that using chain stitching, then single crochet in each chain, repeat for 3 rows.)

I had the grand plan that if it came out well, I might try to create enough for each guest invited, 60 in all. But I am over it after the first one, on to the next project! Stay tuned for next week's installment...

by Lorina Pellach
The Original Beadscarf