Subway Series Issue #1

Subway Series Issue #1
(©2008 Lorina Pellach)

My commute to work is probably longer than the average in NYC being 1 hour to and 1 hour from. I pass daily from Queens through Manhattan to my mostly un-creative, IT Specialist/ Systems Admin job in Brooklyn. So in addition to the usual ho-hum of looking at overhead ads, people watching, reading, sleeping or doing sudoku (discloser: I actually never did sudoku), what I like to do is bring something crafty on the road (er, rails.) If you think about it, it makes total sense. It's found time. Sure, I rather sleep in that extra half hour in the morning, or send emails, but heck, I'm stuck on the train and I want to be crafty!

Clearly, not all crafty work is portable. I wouldn't want to deal with itty bitty beads on the subway, lest they fall and roll away into some unidentifiable sticky liquid on the floor, gross! And Although I could do part of the process to create new styles of The Original Beadscarf (, I choose instead to try something new.

I learned to crochet about 2 years ago and the thing I love most about it is that it is TRULY portable! And the time passes so quickly I cannot believe an hour has passed! A seat helps and I usually get one, but it is not entirely necessary.

When I learned to crochet it was from a Trinidadian lady I used to call Aunt Janet. She's a senior who conducted 3 hour workshops on Monday and Friday in midtown Manhattan from noon-3pm. Back then I wasn't working fulltime so I learned to read patterns and even write my own!

In this series, I will bring you some of the things I work on and complete during my commute. Of course there will be pictures and maybe even a pattern, as long as copyright infringement is not at risk.

So stay tuned for my next edition of "Subway Series" and remember, next time you have to wait for something, whether to arrive at work on the subway or at the doctor's office or for a flight, hey, it's not so's found time, crafty time!

by Lorina Pellach
The Original Beadscarf