Friday Night Beauty Tip

Beauty, it is said is "in the eye of the beholder". Living in a culture and working in the fashion industry where external beauty can become an obsession I was pleased to find an anti-fashion designer. “Ma Ke, a chinese designer, abhors assembly lines. The trademark of her majestic line is based on burying the clothes in dirt to allow nature and time to put the finishing touches on her work.” There is a movie debuting at the Toronto film festival about the contrast between mass produced and her garments entitled ‘Useless’. I found her through a short clip on the selvedge website, she speaks about hand made objects containing emotions, emotions of the crafters. This was so poignant I wanted to share, beauty is not only the external of the objects we create but also the quality of our emotions while we create them.**selvedge, is a textile magazine focusing on non traditional forms of textile. It also showcase unique crafters and crafts.