Etsy Screenprinting Class

Last Saturday I took a screenprinting class at the Etsy Labs. The class is offered by Philip Sachs who owns his own screenprinting/t-shirt business, Sheepshead Design. Philip has an Etsy shop where he sells some of his designs. The class was great, I highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning the screenprinting process. Philip takes you through every step of the process from printing your image onto transparency paper, transfering the image to a screen and then printing the image onto the final product. We were able to keep the screens and squeegees and he even gave us a small sample of black paint to take home and showed us what we needed to print at home. The next class is being offered on March 2nd. Details are here. This is definitely a class worth checking out if you are in the NY area!
Here are some pics from the class

--Candice, Kopah