Witness a Marriage of Fine Art and Tangible Goods

An explosion of handmade crafts is about to happen in a place one can only describe as a Mecca for fine design. That’s right, on October 17th, 2009 from 10am to 5pm, the Chelsea area of Manhattan will host the first ever “Crafts in Chelsea” festival where you can chat with local artists to learn the stories behind those one-of-a-kind gifts.

PS 11 and The {New New}, a NY Metro group of online Etsy Sellers, will take over 21st Street between 8th and 9th Avenues and invite you to bask in a smorgasbord of the best handmade crafts. From jewelry to handbags and more this festival will have the latest and greatest from the most talented artists in the New York area. 

That’s not all. When the kids tire of watching you drool over the eye-catching new fashions and “have to have” artwork, let them spend some time hanging with the animals. With a petting zoo, free food, games, an awesome bouncy castle and lots of other munchkins to play with parents can feel free to let the kids play while they shop for the finest handmade goods Chelsea has to offer.Check out this list of Etsy shops participating:
1178 designs JdavisStudio Precious Dragon
A Studio by the Sea Journalistic Tendencies PrismPop
Abby Horowitz Designs JTopolski Pulp Sushi
AD Jewelry Design Kara Mia Sofia Pure Spa Squared
Adornments NYC Keithyzq Purple Flower Inc
Alexandra Ferguson Kitty Jones Purtybird
Art & Sould Gallery La Mano Pottery Sarustar
Baby Noir La Pistolera Sindige
Be Noticed Jewelry L'atelier des bijoux Softboild
Better Than Jam LC Originals Stellar Vision Creations
Blanca Lupina Lingua Nigra Stoopher & Boots
Bugged Out Little Bunny TepperWear
Caja Jewelry Loella Medina The Original Beadscarf
Central Bark Designs Lovely Day Designs TTinTin
Chavala Designs Luis Fernando Red Bridge Studio
Charlie & Sarah McFlashpants Rox Creations
Citybitz Mellowbeing Violette
Collective Elements Metalicious Virginia Kraljevic
Dainty Creations Meya's Peace Vyphuis Designs
Enchantragirl Micci Designs Knitwear Wabisabi Brooklyn
Ellis Designs Molly Made WarpeDesign
Eve Simone Photography Muppetloon Windows Of Agate
Face of Contentment Design Mulry Jewels Wish by Felicity
Firelight Jewelry & Designs My Needle Habit Woolly Boo
Gneissspice New York Clocks Ximi's Collage Art
Gramkin Paper Studio Nordea's Soaperie Yania Creations
Greenware Ceramics Owliday Inn
Groundsel Panda With Cookie
The Honey Pot Shop elements for inspired living
Imani Miller Designs Pisces Are Dreamers
Informal Elegance PCharming
Isla New York Posh Adornments


Staying Warm Outside the Norm

When most people think of this city they picture an eclectic melting pot of unique style and wondrous swagger. Many choose to express themselves through the things they wear so I'm going to try and suggest some outerwear that strays away from the traditional scarf and hat.

As an avid knitter, you can gauge the trends for the season by blog hopping and checking out what everyone's knitting. This winter has to be the year of the cowl. They work because they're short, sweet and simple. You don't have to worry about it accidentally getting caught in a subway door and strangling you half to death (sheesh). They can be chic and casual or wacky and whimsicle. They're my favorite line of defense for covering the nose to the neck region.
Leaves of Grass Cowl by Knitting Guru

For those of us that don't mind items close on our necks, the scarflet works just as well as the cowl at staying warm and toastie. Sometimes a vintage button can be the perfect touch to complete any outfit. Cappuccino Cozy by Knitting Guru
Speaking of tight fitting, lets say that you hate hats that constrict your head but you still want to cover those ears. I found these retro hoods in Better Than Jam's shop and I think they add that extra kick to any wardrobe Red Hood by Better Than Jam
For some odd reason, only parts of my body seem to get cold most often. My head is always hot and my nose is always cold but when I'm at my day job plugging away on my keyboard, I notice my wrist do get kinda drafty. If you're like me, then you'll love these cute little cuffs found in Shutterkate's shop. They're like jewelry that does double duty giving you that nice and cozy feeling Upcycled Wrist Cuff by ShutterKate/Knitstorm

Say you're looking for something really off the wall, you want to shock and surprise, why not try a scarf of sausage links or an old school ascot? New Yorkers ususally don't point and stare but you never know, wearing these items may lead to some very interesting conversations.I hope you all found something that may have you rethinking the New Yorkers uniform of a plain black hat and scarf. Think about spicing it up for the new year with something bright and fun! Who says everything has to be all matchy matchy? Why not stay warm and live outside the norm!

Preview of my new hats that I will be offering in my shop next week to help brave the cold.

Come join us today at the Knitting Factory!

After all the planning and coordinating the day has finally come! Over 30 different multi-talented souls got together and to create this epic event, setting the stage for what will be an ongoing trend towards shopping local and handmade for the holidays. 

We think this is the central focus of why we are doing what we are doing.  Yes, it is a shopping event. But it means so much more. 

By buying handmade, you are countering the direct consequences of mass production, which has a negative effect on our neighborhoods. 

Events like the Holiday Handmade Cavalcade will only help spread the belief that shopping local and handmade is one way to save our community. Supporting local artisans is about helping out neighbors and keeping the city vibrant. 

And organizing this event is no small feat. This group is all about getting involved to develop one another's creative and business potential. Today when you visit us at the Knitting Factory, you'll see the fruits of all that hard work, both on the business side and on the creative side. Each and every single item for sale has been created by the artists themselves. 

So please come join us for our inaugural holiday event. There will be music and martinis, cupcakes and creative gifts for sale. And if you're feeling generous, you may want to donate to the good folks at NOCC, just by getting your gifts wrapped. 

We hope that you will take part in what will be a festive and fun day for all, and we truly look forward to seeing you there!

The goody bags are stuffed and ready to go

Nine Cakes' bite-sized goodies are not to be missed!